Hey Hey,

I'm Brittany!

First of all, thanks for considering 4SLT Studio for your creative adventures. I started taking pictures as a hobby and a pursuit for happiness. My every day role is in crisis management so it is rare that I get to see smiles and laughs when people are enjoying life.

I want to capture moments that can later be reminisced when you need them the most.

I was raised in North Carolina and currently reside in the Charlotte area. I love to travel and explore new adventures, meaning I'm willing to take the risk for that grand photo! I would like to consider myself a "thrill seeker" but I guess that depends on who you ask!!

One of the things I love most is laughter and comfort. I believe in being who you are and presenting in YOUR way. Of course I'm here to assist you in creating that vision, but I would NEVER ask you to change who you are! I am me and I have no issue showing that to anyone. We've all had our battles and that is what makes us who we are!

Again, thanks for visiting my digital studio and we look forward to joining you on your next adventure!!

The Meaning Behind the Name...

4SLT literally stands for: FOR SHELBY LENORE TYSON, my beloved mother. This studio has no limits and I'm willing to keep learning and exploring for as long as I'm alive because I know she would want me to. If you had the opportunity to know Shelby, you would know that she was the sweetest, most giving woman around. She worked way too hard to provide and protect for hers. I remain humble knowing that I am me because of her. 4SLT Studio will NEVER judge you or your situation. We provide all LOVE here!!

Truth...my older sister helped me create a name that would encompass the love that my mother had for all of my creativeness. My mom bought me my first keyboard (which I begged for) and loved every single one of my songs! She always believed in my ideas no matter how far fetched they were. Stay tuned for more from 4SLT Studio!!

Creating powerful imagery

for your needs.

From professional headshots to lifestyle photography, we will follow you on your journey and repurpose your adventure into moments you can keep forever. Whether it is branding for a new business or role playing just because, we will walk through the process together to make sure your needs are fulfilled.

The Process

01. Connect

Reach out and tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What's your favorite song? What do you like to eat? The more information you provide, the better we can connect!

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Tell us about what you envision for your project. We will sit down and construct in
detail what you are looking to create. This process will include deciding theme, location, wardrobe and anything else that matters to you.

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

As stated, let's make it happen! The project is complete when you are satisfied.

Bring it to life